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Chania Old Harbour
links Spinning Windmills
The Lassithi region of Eastern Crete offers expansive vistas with fields stretching out to the horizon, whirling windmills, charming small ports, and the ruins of a Minoan palace appearing unexpectedly around a bend in the road.

Aptera, City of the Wingless Artemis

The ancient city of Aptera on the north coast of Crete is an easy day trip from Chania, Rethymno, or even Heraklion.

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

One of the top museums in Greece, this is a must-see for anyone intrigued by the ancient Minoans.

Battle of Crete

Each year in May the Battle of Crete is vigorously commemorated by the proud Cretans who made even Hitler think again about invading an island by paratroopers.


Explore the many fascinating sites in the Chania area.From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Crete - Inn to Inn Sea Kayaking Trip Review

Check out this unique way of traveling along Crete's spectacular southwestern coast, visiting archaeological remains, nude beaches, and remote villages along the way.

Crete from Space

Astronauts get to visit the Greek islands too - they just don't get as close as most visitors. Enjoy these high in the sky photos of Crete.

Crete Photo Gallery

A few shots of Crete to whet your appetite for your own trip.

Elafonissi Picture Gallery

Walk to the Greek island of Elaphonissi

Elounda's Lagoon of Mermaids

The peaceful waters conceal the sunken city of Olous, and, just possibly, a mermaid or two.

Going to Gortyna

Go to Gortyna (Gortyn) - a vast ancient city on Crete inhabited since Minoam times, with Roman-era ruins, a Byzantine basilica, and the tree where Zeus and Europa first -um- met.

Greece Photo Galleries - Elounda, Crete - The Lagoon of Elounda on the Greek Island of Crete

Photo Galleries of Greece - A peaceful lagoon conceals several mysteries. Discover the magic of Elounda on the Greek island of Crete.

Hiking the Samaria Gorge

Hiking the Samaria Gorge on the Greek island of Crete

Ierapetra Archaeological Museum

This museum features many local Minoan finds as well as large statues from the Roman period.

Iraklio Area

Knossos, Phaistos, and Amnissos are a few of the many great Cretan sites in the Heraklion region. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.


Explore the mysterious citadel of Crete...but watch out for the minotaur!

Lasithi Plain - Caves

From Dilos Holiday World, useful and thorough info on the Caves of Psychro and Dikti.


Sacred caves, many ancient sites, and the former island of lepers all contribute to the archeological wonders of this area of Crete. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
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Lively Lassithi

The fertile Lassithi plain is anything but plain, with terrific cultural festivals, a beautiful landscape, and whirling windmills.

Makrigialos -

Explore this town and region of south-east Crete, which boasts long beautiful beaches, a local observatory, and hidden traditional villages.

Natural History Museum of Crete

The newly-renovated Natural History Museum of Crete in Heraklion offers an increasing number of exhibits and programs.

Numismatic Museum

Recently reopened, the Numismatic Museum in Athens is housed in Heinrich Schliemann's old house, and appeals to coin fans as well as fans of archaeology.

Odeon Travel

Rethymno-based travel agency offering day excursions, Santorini cruises, car, apartment, and villa rentals.


Monasteries, museums and a late Minoan cemetary provide visitors with many choices. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Samaria Gorge - Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about the Samaria Gorge, from experienced Gorge hiker Jean Bienvenu. Clear and informative.

Samaria Gorge Photo Gallery

Almost step by step through the gorge, in a series of terrific, fast-loading photos taken on a beautiful day. From Jean Bienvenu.

The Cave of St. Sophia - Easy-to-Visit Cave near Chania, Crete, Greece

The Cave of St. Sophia is an easy-to-visit cave near Chania on the island of Crete.

The Cave of St. Sophia, Chania Area, Crete

Easy to get to,hard to leave, the Cave of St. Sophia has fascinated Cretans and their visitors for thousands of years.

The Gortyna Code

The Gortyna Code - the labyrinthine letters of this ancient code of law fascinates modern visitors to the city of Gortyn on the island of Crete.

Why Go to Gortyn?

A look at this vast, ruined Roman city sitting in the olive groves of Crete.

Yakinthia Festival

Annual festival featuring music and dance, presentations on Greek mythology, and more. Admission is free.
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